Introduction of Funkalates®

I would like to introduce an exciting, brand new concept of exercise based on pilates methods through a series of stimulating exercises for all levels.

I have also incorporated Funkalates® sound tracks which I have produced myself to accompany the Funkalates® exercise programme. These exclusive tracks are produced as my sole copyright.

Funkalates® is designed to mobilise the whole body using elements of dance, for example: break-dancing, rollerblading, jazz, ballet, free running, Capoeira, self-defence and Tai Chi.

Funkalates® works the cardiovascular system and skeletal muscles, mobilising the upper and lower trunk to a high standard incorporating free flowing exercises.

Of particular interest, perhaps, are the following aspects of this superior workout; the exercise starts with a warm up to fast paced music with low/high, relaxing and stimulating options to suit abilities from those that are beginners to advanced levels.

The benefits are that the exercise relies on coordination, alignment, balance and strength; thus maintaining or gaining superior strength, utilising the aerobic, cardiovascular system penetrating the superficial muscles and deep tissues. Resulting in, stress release, weight loss and the strengthening of the core muscles.

Each routine has other challenging elements of surprise based on the key, postural muscles i.e. pelvic floor muscles giving the body endless flexibility. Never before has an exercise been designed to enable this process to be formed in one class.

With Funkalates® you can burn up to 750 calories in 45 minutes.
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